Vajra mudra

Execution technique

The thumbs are straight and touch each other on the side surfaces, the index fingers are also straightened and touch the inner surfaces, the rest of the fingers are crossed. There are two options for how to cross your fingers: the fingers of the right hand on top, or the fingers of the left hand on top.


Mudra bestows the Power of Indra. It concentrates energy in the form of a bunch of energy, like lightning. Helps to concentrate when thinking about goals. This mudra is indicated for those who suffer from cardiovascular pathology, hypertension, circulatory failure and blood supply.


In Indian mythology, Vajra is the "thunderbolt" - the weapon of the god Indra. Mudra symbolizes a special power that personifies the power of the Spirit. Mudra shows which of the energy channels is more active at the moment if it is automatically placed higher: Right fingers above:
  • the right side of the body is more active,
  • Pingala Canal,
  • masculine beginning
  • Yang energy.
Left fingers above:
  • the left side of the body is more active,
  • Ida Channel
  • feminine
  • yin energy.

Watch the video: वजर मदर. Vajra Mudra How To Do And Benefits in hindi (January 2020).

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